Level 1 IMPROV

For playbirds & aspiring playbirds.


Get creative, make new friends, and just get crazy wiht FUS!’s introductory improv class. You’re welcome to discover some basics of improv theatre. If you have experience or none, you’re welcome to come & play, to practice & to learn. (You even get homework you don’t have to make.)

You’ll get to experience some improvisation principles like : be spontaneous, make your partner look good, build on your partner’s idea, mime your surroundings, how to play that emotion, get characters in no time…

Through a fun and exciting series of theater-games, improv exercises and adaptation of the fysical theatre traditions. This class will tickle your funny bone, spark your imagination and inspire your creativity. Great for performers and non-performers alike. 


You follow classes with Pieter Beck. He followed classes with The Loose Moose Theatre Company, Improv Olympic, Wisper and fysical theatre in the style of Lecoq. He’s improvising with the Caque and FUS! but plays also as a care clown with people with dementia.

Price : 120 euro .

Where? Ghent (Sint-Amandsberg)

When? from 19 h till 22 h on these dates : mon. 17/12/2018, wed. 23/1/2019, wed. 6/2/2019, wed. 13/2/2019, wed. 27/2/2019, wed. 13/3/2019, wed. 27/3/2019, wed. 10/4/2019, wed. 24/4/2019. 

credits: fus!